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TTS AmritRas

  • Actual Price: Rs.2540
  • Offer Price(India) : Rs.2159
  • Offer Price(Overseas) : 85$
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About Amritras


Q.1 What is AMRITRAS?
A: AMRITRAS is a wooden glass created from Vijaysar tree. The water stored in this glass in the night is very healthy for consumption in the morning. AMRITRAS is a complete natural & ayurvedic product created from vijaysar tree found in dense jungle possessing power to cure the sufferings caused due to diabetes and other problems.

Q.2 How AMRITRAS is made ?
A:: AMRITRAS is a wooden glass made from the bark of giant ‘Vijaysar’ tree. During ancient times, wood of Vijaysar tree was soaked in water and this potion was given to the diabetic patients for controlling their sugar level. Hence, TTS SKYSHOP has given it a form of glass and made it easily available for the benefit¬† of patients suffering from diabetes and other problems.

Q.3 What are the steps involved in using AMRITRAS?
A:: AMRITRAS use is very simple. Fill the tumbler with drinking water and leave it overnight. Next morning it will be light red, filter the stored water into another clean glass and drink this on empty stomach. When the change in colour of water stops then put a block of wood in the glass and use it. This routine should be followed for 30 days for best results.

Q.4 What are the benefits of using AMRITRAS?
A:: AMRITRAS when consumed on empty stomach can help in controlling the body sugar considerably and can also reduce obesity, blood pressure, indigestion and joint pain. It also increases stamina and keeps you energetic all day means work as energy drink also.

Q.5  What is the maximum time period for using AMRITRAS?
A:: You will observe that the water stored in AMRITRAS turns light reddish in colour the next day. This is a proof that shows properties of Vijaysar are present in the water. When you notice the water stops changing colour in AMRITRAS glass, put a wooden block given in the pack and use the glass again. TTS SKYSHOP is giving 16 wooden blocks with the glass. So, when water stops changing colour, use wooden blocks one by one in the glass and drink the water. One pack of AMRITRAS works for 5 to 6 months.

Q.6 From where can I buy AMRITRAS?
A:: You can place an order for ‘AMRITRAS’ from TTS SKYSHOP’s commercials being telecasted on popular channels. Just call on the numbers being flashed during the commercials and get it delivered at your home. You can also buy AMRITRAS from our website by paying online from your credit and debit card.

Q.7 What is the price of AMRITRAS?
A:: AMRITRAS is available at a very affordable rate of Rs.2540/-. If you order a combo pack of AMRITRAS you save Rs.400/- as the combo pack is available for Rs.4680/-.ONLY. If you buy online from your credit card or debit card, get AMRITRAS at the price of Rs. 2159/- only at a discount of Rs. 381/-.

Q.8 Is AMRITRAS water safe for consumption?
A::Yes. A research institute in England has also approved of Vijaysar liquid as safe for consumption. The natural extract of Vijaysar wood makes the water completely safe for consumption.

Q.9 Who all can use AMRITRAS?
A:The use of AMRITRAS is not restricted only to the ailing or diabetic patients. It can be consumed for controlling blood pressure, to reduce body weight and for getting benefit in joint pain. It can be also consumed by the ones feeling lack of energy as AMRITRAS increases the energy level and makes you feel light and lively all day.

Q.10 Will AMRITRAS water cause any side effects?
A:NO. AMRITRAS is a 100% natural and ayurvedic product made out of the bark of Vijaysar wood. There are no other medicines used in preparation of AMRITRAS. Hence, there are no chances of side effects.

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